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Laptop WIFI is not working - Not connecting Error

I am getting the some magical issue in my laptop when I switch on the laptop it could not connect to the WiFi automatically but after one hour It connects. I am very surprise how does it connect after one or two hours after start and could not disconnect full day if it is one but if in between laptop goes switch off it could not connect again. Is it really surprising me ? What could be the issue in my laptop and could you please repair the same. I am living in Dwarka sec 12 near your service center. Could you please send the engineer on my home and how much it will take the service charge to check the same.

laptop wifi issues in dwarka


WIFI is not working after upgrade windows 8 to 10:


I have upgraded the windows 7 to 10 and after that something happened in my laptop and it suddenly stopped some functionality to work. The main problem I have faced that the WIFI is not working. How will I know what exact issue in my laptop is and why this has been stopped to work? Is there any issue in drivers after up gradation? Kindly suggest me on give me online help to resolve the same.

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